Private Label/ODM/OEM

With 50 years of experience in OEM and ODM business, Mit Mongkol Industry Co., LTD. has provided one stop service to develop private labels of cosmetics and household products for global and local brands.

We are dedicated to fully develop our innovation with speed & high quality. Our factory uses high international standard production systems such as Microsoft D365, SCADA system, traceability system to drive efficiency, clean room class D to prevent cross contamination and explosion proof mixing room.


in various production lot size from small to large lots.

Total production capacity is more than


pieces annually


Our Warehouse and Supply chain management

  1. Warehouse Management System offer real-time visibility into entire inventory to improve operational efficiency and order fulfillment.
  2. Barcode system ensuring the accuracy of picking, weighting and relocate the materials/ products.
  3. Separated storage locations; General, Temperature controlled storage